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Season 2 - Devtools interviews

Episode Summary

Starting with Cloudflare CTO, John Graham-Cumming on 6 Jan 2022. Season 2 of the Console DevTools Podcast: 11 interviews with interesting people in the devtools space.

Episode Notes

Starting with Cloudflare CTO, John Graham-Cumming on 6 Jan 2022, in season 2 of the Console DevTools Podcast we'll be speaking to 11 interesting people currently working in devtools about a specific technical topic. Upcoming guests:

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Episode Transcription

Welcome back to the Console DevTools podcast! I’m David Mytton, co-founder of, a free weekly newsletter highlighting the best and most interesting tools for developers.

In season 2 of the podcast I’ll be interviewing 11 interesting people about a specific technical topic. Episode 1 comes out at the start of next year, on 6 Jan 2022 where I’ll be speaking to the CTO of Cloudflare, John Graham-Cumming:

“you're going to have to move the data and the application to Mars, right, or maybe in orbiting around Mars. So I think once we get to that point, no one's going to be doing anything interactive directly with the Earth, they're going to be doing anything interactive locally. And then what will happen is all of the interesting stuff will be around synchronization between Earth and Mars, which is what this solar system serverless platform will have to deal with.”

From dev focused infrastructure, the next few episodes cover topics like security, with Thomas Ptacek of

“The little bit of insight I can say here is that when we think about things like shutting the electricity grid down, that's not an overblown theory of what could happen.”

To observability with Charity Majors, CTO of Honeycomb:

“People could get a lot out of metrics. It's a 30 year old technology. We have gotten used to contorting ourselves in all sorts of ways and it's the thing that people are familiar with. At the end of the day, I wouldn't actually call anything that's built on time series database observability that I've seen.”

And why you can now build your entire app using decentralized tech for the web, with Brooklyn Zelenka, CTO of Fission:

“Our goal with Web Native, which is the product, is so that someone could build a full stack web app that you would be able to build with a full stack tools, but only in the browser, and in a way that it only feels like you're working with React and you're making a couple calls out to a framework.“

Season 2 covers topics like devtools investing, community building, homomorphic encryption, browsers, privacy, designing devtools, new native terminals and developer experience.

So join me and my guests on the Console DevTools podcast, each week from Jan 6.